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Agile Simplified!!!

LEARNTOR AGILE​ Framework by Mercy George-Igbafe, Founder LEARNTOR

What is Agile?

"Agile transformation is synonymous to Human Transformation" - Mary Laniyan

Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It is a way of dealing with, and ultimately succeeding in, an uncertain and turbulent environment.

"LEARNTOR AGILE Framework - An effective strategy to Adopt and Implement the Agile Way of Work" by Mercy George-Igbafe

The purpose of this framework is to make the explanation of AGILE easy for everyone to understand and apply to any project or service they offer and it is a celebration of my birthday launched on 3rd December 2021

Today is my birthday & in celebration of this local village girl (Mercy George-Igbafe) the founder of LEARNTOR, someone never considered worthy or good enough due to her background but "chose never to allow her background keep on the ground ". I am excited and grateful to God for the opportunity to share 'LEARNTOR AGILE Framework' - An effective strategy to adopting and Implementing the Agile Way of Working!!! 

Breaking down each element of 'LEARNTOR AGILE Framework': A G I L E!!!

A = AGILITY: Co-create clearly defined AGILE Values that aligns with the Organisation's overall Strategic Objectives on "How to adopt the AGILE way of working".

G = GROWTH: Developing a growth mindset through Open Communication and Continuous Engagement with room for improvement and learning how each role and contribution plugs into the Organisation overall vision.

I = IMPACT: Having a clearly defined leadership mindset of a self-managing team to create impact across the business entire value chain.

L = LEARNING: Deliberately and Continuously developing a learning mindset with room to fail fast in a trusting and safe environment

E = EMPATHY: building empathy towards each other as a way of life and culture across the Organisation.

This is a high-level overview of 'LEARNTOR AGILE Framework' and how LEARNTOR has adopted the AGILE way of working in Africa and taken the company from to a highly reputable and recognised brand with a growing community of 2000+ with International partnership and serving as an Executive board member of Women within a space of 1 year

We are hopeful trust that LEARNTOR AGILE Framework will digitally Transformation Organisational culture.

Contact us for more details and tools on how to deploy these elements for your team and organisation. Email: mercy@learntor.ng or Call: +234 802 456 1053; Let's move you forward digitally

"True greatness is not in being great but in the ability to make others great" – Mercy George-Igbafe

Connect with for the formal launch of LEARNTOR AGILE Framework us via https://www.learntor.org/ Learntor I YouTube I LinkedIn I Instagram I Facebook I Meetup I Trustpilot I Scrumorg I WiA

Mercy George Igbafe - LEARNTOR – Moving Forward Digitally

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